Veneering and inlays expertly applied by our craftsmen give every treatment a unique, never-seen-before look that speaks of luxury and the highest levels of design. At Craftsmen United, we create custom veneering and inlays that can give your home or commercial space the touches that evoke an emotional response from everyone who enters the space.

By viewing the images below, you can see the level of detail that we add to every project.

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    Rare Amboyna burled wood veneer, box and sequence matched before being pressed into architectural grade panels shown on next page.
  • 1-1img
    Curved Amboyna wood burled panels inlaid with ebony stringing and ivory accents.
  • 2img
    A close up of ebony and ivory inlay used on an Amboyna wood panel treatment.
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    Chrysler building inspired veneer inlay on access panel. We utilized quarter-sliced American walnut veneer trimmed in ebonized walnut for depth and character.
  • 4
    Sunburst quarter-sliced American walnut veneer panels emanating from the antique light fixture.
  • 5img
    Pyramidal sunburst white Oak Torah cabinet with sculptural curvilinear backdrop
  • 6img
    Figured Avodire wood with dual starburst inlays during creation.