Craftsmen United offers the most exacting clients an opportunity to have the luxury architectural millwork and ornamentation that completes their vision for their home or commercial space. Focused on the unique use of wood, glass and metals, our team does one-of-a-kind work that simply cannot be replicated elsewhere.

In operation for over two decades, Craftsmen United has seamlessly blended the creativity and skills of our trained woodworking artisans with the ability to manufacture architectural millwork and ornamental items using the highest level of technology. From the original client contact all the way through the design, material selection and installation, our highly-trained team at Craftsmen United is focused on one thing only – fulfilling the client’s vision for the space. To this end, the company focuses specifically on how a client wants to interact with the space once it is complete. This time taken in capturing the vision is what has made Craftsmen United a leader in the custom architectural millwork and ornamentation industry.

For more information about Craftsmen United or to speak to one of our millwork design specialists, call us at 414.276.0800.