Creating an experience you can feel is what separates Craftsmen United projects from other providers. With our focus on attention to detail, we give thoughtful consideration to your overall d├ęcor selections with every piece of woodwork. We can incorporate everything from rare wood treatments to ornamental metal, saddle stitched leather and carved crystal pieces to truly distinguish your space.

Peruse the images below to see a sampling of the level of work that our team completes for every single project that we accept.

  • furniture1Rare fiddleback English sycamore back bar door and coordinating paneling with olive knuckle hinges and three piece carved casing.
  • furniture1 An English sycamore curved door has been installed in this project using fluted and curved glass that has been meticulously fit and finished to the adjacent frame.
  • furniture3A Bombay styled hard rock maple vanity follows a curved line and is finished with a white glaze and antique gold hardware.
  • furniture4This image shows a close-up of the tapered curved and sculpted vanity leg from the previous maple vanity.
  • furniture5 An example of rare Afromosia wood used in a furniture leg. Shaped decagonally, this piece is inlaid with walnut stringing at each of the intersections.
  • furniture6Scalloped vanity in hard rock maple featuring a white glazed finish.
  • furniture7Frame-on-frame style cabinetry with ice box style latches and fully formed mortise hinges.
  • furniture8A Gothic styled vanity in process featuring radiused drawers and paneled doors in hard rock maple and a white glazed finish.
  • furniture9Traditional styled vanity with curve-linear face in progress.
  • furniture10Fanciful Gothic faceted column and bookcase details designed for a child’s bedroom.
  • furniture11Monumental trim featuring a five-piece crown with paneled beam, fluted pilasters, faux finished column, and glazed capitals.
  • furniture12Ebonized walnut wine storage with concealed lighting and old gold accents used as trim for this unique piece.
  • furniture13Fluted and carved columns in progress.