The Craftsmen United team of specialists can add intricate carvings to your furniture and wood pieces in order to give your space a truly unique feel. We carefully sculpt designs that complement the overall feel of your d├ęcor and add those details, whether intricate or rustic. This added layer of luxury creates a finishing touch that is simply rare these days.

  • carving1
    Six-inch diameter Walnut timber columns turned and carved with relief. The area above the recessed panel has been carved as well.
  • carving2
    Walnut carved column base with Walnut diamond accents that add to the luxury of these pieces.
  • carving3
    Rare Afromosia wood paneled entry area with a two-piece carved casing.
  • carving4
    Enjoy a close-up of the carved Afromosia wood casing with old gold olive knuckle hinges.
  • carving5Our craftsmen have created carved balusters and Newel post from reclaimed White Oak timbers.
  • carving6Fluted and carved columns in progress